Modular Restrooms

The Hunter Knepshield line of modular restroom facilities includes solutions for virtually any situation with fast turnaround and simple site preparation. Pre-manufactured for economy and ease of installation, the buildings are pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and shipped complete – ready for placement.

Interiors are designed for low maintenance including wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling reinforced fiberglass for easy washdown. A variety of plumbing choices are available to match on-site resources including composting toilets for remote sites.

Solar power is also available.

ADA Compliance Made Easy!

Hunter Knepshield’s modular restroom facilities are ADA-compliant and are a cost-efficient and time-saving solution to upgrading older facilities.  With about 50% of non-compliant facilities completely replaced due to the increasing costs of bringing them into compliance with ADA regulations, establishing compliance may not be as obvious as it would seem.  Hunter Knepshield can provide new, maintenance-friendly, ADA-compliant, pre-manufactured facilities to help meet ADA regulations . . . often at a lower cost than establishing compliance of an older facility.

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